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We are bringing to NY an evidence-based program that helps veterinary practices build a high-performing engaging workplace.

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Benefits of the 4Ps of Positive Leadership

Research shows the 4 Ps of Positive Leadership make a difference in veterinary practices.  Hospital teams who report that their leaders practice the 4 Ps are:

  • 27% less likely to be looking for a new job
  • 13% less likely to be considering leaving the veterinary profession
  • 26% more likely to report high levels of workplace wellbeing
  • 30% more committed to and engaged in their job
  • 44% more likely to report high levels of job satisfaction

Simply put, the 4 Ps of Positive Leadership likely contribute to a positive, happy, high-performing veterinary practice that attracts and retains team members.

 The 4 Ps of Positve Leadership is provided through our partner – Flourish Veterinary Consulting.

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What is the program?

  • An evidence-based program to help veterinary practices build a high-performing, engaging workplace environment that attracts and retains team members.
  • Developed by Josh Vaisman MAPPCP, CCFP – Lead Positive Change Agent at Flourish Veterinary Consulting.
  • Built on Vaisman’s “4 Ps of Positive Leadership” framework laid out in an upcoming AAHA Press book tentatively titled, “Lead to Thrive: The Science of Crafting a Positive Veterinary Culture”
  • Adapted for NYSVMS members to provide a low-cost cohort-based model that enables hospitals with a smaller budget access the program benefits.

What the program includes

  • A science-backed survey assessment of your practice’s current leadership qualities and workplace experience.  This will include measurement of how likely your team is to stay in your hospital, their job satisfaction, overall team wellbeing, burnout, and how leadership may be impacting these variables.
  • A personal Report of Findings showing your practice’s assessment results.
  • A live, virtual 3-hour workshop led by a Flourish Veterinary Consulting Positive Change Agent.  The workshop will be conducted with a small cohort of peer leaders from practices like yours.  Together, you’ll explore the science of positive leadership, the results of your survey assessment, and craft action steps to elevate your practice’s workplace environment so you build a hospital that attracts and retains high-quality veterinary talent.
  • Continued monthly support and coaching.  For the next 3 months after your workshop, a Flourish Positive Change Agent will host a 90 minute live, virtual “town-hall” session for your key hospital leaders to ask questions, receive continued guidance and support, and connect with peers working on similar development.

By setting up this cohort coaching model we have brought the cost down to  $3,975 per hospital. NYSVMS is not taking a fee for arranging the program so that this is accessible to as many hospitals as possible.


There are so many programs I could choose – why this one?

We selected this program to help hospital teams that know they need help but are daunted by the effort it can take to find the correct program.

The program starts with a short survey of all of your team members that will help you benchmark your team against many other hospitals that have participated already. When you attend the coaching sessions you can use this data to identify the steps that will be the most effective for your hospital.

High quality consulting can be a steep investment in both money and time for small and mid-sized hospitals. Our cohort program is designed to bring these benefits to all hospitals in New York.


What is the initial team survey and what will I get?

Hospital Leaders and the Team at large all take a survey. The survey itself is fairly quick to complete, and the questions are very general. They ask about job satisfaction, current state of burnout, and whether they are thinking of leaving soon. There are also questions about how effective the leaders are at creating a positive culture, both for the team and the leaders themselves. This provides insights into how leaders believe they are leading AND how the team experiences their leadership.

The Flourish Veterinary Consulting Team will analyze the survey results and provide you with a personalized report. Your will learn about your team’s:

  • Pyschological safety
  • Experience of mattering and meaningfulness
  • Belief that they are reaching toward their potential
  • Sense of connection

You will also learn about your team’s

  • Sense of job satisfaction
  • Sense of commitment to your practice
  • Intention to look for a new job
  • Risk of burnout
  • Overall workplace wellbeing

The insights from these provide the basis for coaching and creating action plans


Does it work? What do Flourish clients have to say?

We spoke to several Flourish clients.  Facing challenges like burnout, poor culture, and low retention, these hospitals had decided to work with Flourish because they could no longer see a way forward on their own.  Partnering with Flourish made a difference. 

One hospital told us that working with Flourish made such a difference, word of the positive change in their culture spread throughout the community.  Veterinarians began reaching out to this practice asking if they could work there!  All the Flourish clients we spoke with said that working with Flourish helped them identify opportunities for, and more toward, positive change in their practice environment. 

We chose to partner with Flourish because of references in the industry from people we know and trust.  If you are looking to move beyond the weariness of burnout and turnover, this is the program for you.  View the recording of our informational webinar to learn more.


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