Talk to someone: 24/7 Helpline

For the times when it is important to be heard

NYSVMS has partnered with CorpCare to bring you a completely confidential assistance program, including:

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week confidential telephone support
  • 3 in-person consultation sessions – free of charge

 Call 888-252-7700 for help

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Member Assistance

NYSVMS members have free 24/7 assistance included with membership. You can also obtain coverage for all staff at your hospital starting at $300 per year per hospital.

Listeners on call

Call 24/7

NYSVMS member veterinarians can call the help number above for help with a wide variety of issues.

Family issues, financial concerns, employment advice and mental-health are all covered – including 3 free sessions with a professional counselor.

Its much better to call early when the problem is still small, and solutions are easier. Our partners CorpCare are ready to hear from you and will give you a warm and friendly reception.

Help for the whole hospital team

Its not just veterinarians who need advice. For just $300 per hospital per year you can extend coverage to your whole team.

Regular pricing for any group under 100 employees ranges between $2750.00 and $4750.00 annually. These deeply discounted rates are due to working through your association. By aggregating membership, we can supply a full complement of services at this discounted rate.

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Tranquility Shot

 Spend 1 minute with an NYSVMS member to see how they find calm in the storm

Philippa Pavia  VMD, DACVS (SA)

Philippa Pavia VMD, DACVS (SA)

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Roxanne Suarez, DVM

Roxanne Suarez, DVM

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