Member Benefits

Benefits focusing on professional success

We love it when you join our free professional education programs

We love it even more when we can help you personally and directly. We have legal experts and HR experts on the team with deep knowledge of NY laws and regulations.  Call us for help.

Try out our financial counseling program and leave stress about high debt behind. 

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Member benefit highlights

Some of the benefits that members use most often.

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Financial Counseling

Attain the peace of mind knowing that you are financially on track to meet your life goals.

Our financial advisor is an expert on veterinary finance. And we pay the full cost for many members.

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We're expert at providing answers

Every day we answer member’s questions, drawing on our team of expert partners. We can go further too – helping you to resolve issues your encounter from social media abuse to licensing delays.

We help you avoid burnout

Take a look at the range of programs we have on hand to help get work completed quicker so you can get home. We have a range of solutions to burnout too.

Benefits to help you make a difference

You chose veterinary medicine to contribute to a better world. These benefits help you fulfill your greater purpose.

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Lead veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine was shaped by people like you who stepped up to lead. We support your path to leadership, starting with our Power of 10 program and committee opportunities. Regional and State leadership is a stepping stone to national contributions too.


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Create a diverse profession

Join our VetaHumanz Schools program. You can provide the inspiration an elementary school student of color needs to aim for a career in veterinary medicine. It will take a while – but we believe it is the most effective route to equal opportunities in our profession.

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Create a more humane work for animals

Our Animal Welfare committee works toward animal welfare through education and creating conversations.

Business Benefits and Financial Savings

Programs like our Merchant Services partnership are saving members thousands of dollars a year

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Merchant Services

Our merchant services partner, TMG vets offers NYSVMS members a processing fee that is unbeatable. Their service is fantastic too. If you haven’t talked to them yet – now might be the time to start saving.

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CareCredit - client credit

Extending credit to your clients leads to unpaid debt and losses. Use CareCredit as your alternative to giving client’s credit. If CareCredit won’t lend a client money, then you probably shouldn’t be either. Members get discounts on setting up an account

Wellbeing benefits

We have a range of programs focused on your wellbeing

Suicide Prevention Training

Launched in 2020, we are collecting data on how many NY veterinarians have taken suicide prevention programs. We want to use our support index as a focus for our promotion of suicide prevention training. Our message is that everyone can help make their community safer by taking one of these trainings, and we will be appealing to our members and non-members to help us meet a series of goals, as we drive participation higher.

24/7 Help and Confidential Counseling

Completely confidential support from our partner CorpCare who are experienced in providing specialized emotional assistance for veterinary professionals working in demanding and, at times, critical environments.

Education on Work/Life Integration

The NYSVMS Wellbeing committee has identified work/life integration as a key focus for wellbeing education. Work/life integration is at the top response in our member surveys asking members to identify their greatest challenge in their professional lives. Many other surveys show that improved work/life balance is closely linked to wellbeing.

NY Professional Assistance Program

The New York State Professional Assistance Program (PAP) assists professionals who have substance abuse problems, but who have not harmed patients or clients. Such professionals may voluntarily surrender their licenses while receiving treatment rather than face charges of professional misconduct. All applications to the program are confidential.

Advocacy work