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Recent Graduates Join Free

Yes, the year you graduate is free.

The next year is just 25% of full dues, increasing over the next 3 years while you get established in your career.

We will also pay for you to participate in our financial wellness program, so you can put aside stress due to financial concerns and move forward with a sound financial plan.

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Programs for Recent Graduates

Join our Power of 10 leadership program. Shape the industry as a member of our Committee for Leadership Advancement.

Power of 10 program

The Power of Ten Leadership Program is a NYSVMS initiative designed to cultivate leadership capacity and provide learning experiences that will enrich the individual and benefit the individual’s practice, community and profession. This program will provide ten veterinarians with leadership development sessions over the course of a year. NYSVMS will provide topic experts and meeting expenses at no charge for participants to attend sessions that not only convey the key learning points about leadership, but deepen the understanding of class members on a number of related topics.

There are four half-day sessions, with a mix of virtual and in-person attendance. Some are held concurrently with Executive Board meetings providing you with an opportunity to attend the next day. Program Alumni have gone on to many leadership positions within NYSVMS and our Regional Groups. Its a great way to start making a difference to your profession.

Applications for 2023 are closed.



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Committee For Leadership Advancement

The Committee for Leadership Advancement (CLA) was created to encourage recent graduates to become more involved in organized veterinary medicine and NYSVMS. CLA members meet as a committee, the day before quarterly Board meetings, and work on projects to address the needs of our national, state and regional organizations and veterinary students. Currently, CLA gives a presentation to students at Cornell CVM, on topics such as life after vet school and the latest issues that affect the practice of veterinary medicine. CLA also helps organize the Power of 10 leadership program.

Benefits to becoming a CLA member:

  • A chance to attend AVMA House of Delegates meeting and leadership conference in January in Chicago for the opportunity to meet with colleagues, school faculty, administrators, and consultants. (NYSVMS provides funds for one member to attend every year.)
  • Attend all 4 Board meetings (one night hotel is covered by NYSVMS), where you will receive updates on legislative and clinical practice issues. These meetings have inspired CLA members to become more active on both the state and regional level.
  • CLA members receive free yearly NYSVMS annual dues. (Regional dues are not included).


  • Must have graduated from veterinary school within the past 15 years and be a current member of NYSVMS.
  • Attend at least two CLA meeting in person and one by conference call each year.
  • An interest in giving back to our profession by educating ourselves, colleagues and students and a willingness to develop projects to serve new graduates, as well as NYSVMS.

If you are interested in joining CLA, email Stephanie Quirini.

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Mentoring Program

The Committee for Leadership Advancement (CLA) has launched a mentorship program to match NYSVMS members who have graduated from veterinary school 5 years or less with experienced NYSVMS members.

The purpose of this program is to help new graduates assimilate to their professional lives. This program is designed to be an informal mentoring process where the mentor provides coaching, listening, advice, sounding board reactions, or other help in an unstructured casual manner.

We are looking for mentors to volunteer their time and mentees to sign up. NYSVMS worked with Naylor (who runs the Career Center) to create an online platform that is easy to use. The guidelines, roles and responsibilities are all included on the site. Both mentors and mentees create an online profile through the Naylor portal.



NYSVMS has hundreds of articles about veterinary practice in New York State in the member knowledgebase. (member login required).  Below is a sampling of frequently asked questions of interest to recent graduates.


Continuing education

Can New York’s required controlled substance CE be taken online?

Our company offers a RACE accredited CE course. Can we offer it to NY veterinarians?

If CE credits were earned near the end of a registration period, can they be applied to the next registration period?


Rabies and Rabies Certifications

How do I find my county’s rabies protocol?

If a vaccinated patient requires a booster but never receives it, does the patient need a 1- or 3-year shot the next time?

Need for patient examination prior to rabies vaccination

What if an animal is found to be unfit for rabies vaccination?



We want to offer ultrasonography to neighboring veterinarians using a telemedicine service. How do we make this beneficial to both veterinary hospitals and the patient?

Is telemedicine legal in the practice of veterinary medicine?


Cyberbullying and Social Media

A client is threatening to post negative messages about me on social media. What should I do?

Wildlife and Exotic Animals

Do I need a special permit in order to treat wildlife?

Are veterinarians allowed to treat or alter animals found in the wild in New York?

A client brought in a turtle under the FDA 4 inch limit. What do I do?

Am I allowed to treat a Husky/Wolf hybrid in New York?

Euthanasia and Cremation

Can I euthanize an animal without establishing a VCPR?

Do I have to euthanize an animal if the owner so specifies in his or her will?

Where can I find New York’s pet cemetery law?

What should I do with an animal “dropped off” by its owner for euthanasia, or with an animal brought in for euthanasia because its owner has died? These may be healthy animals.



Can an Equine Dental Technician float and extract teeth as an independent contractor not supervised by a DVM?

Is it legal for a qualified, but not licensed, vet assistant to clean a patients teeth?

Can LVTs perform simple tooth extractions?


Use of Marijuana Related Products

Use of Medical Marijuana in Veterinary Medicine in New York

Clarification on CBD/hemp use after passage of Farm Bill 2018

What is the NYSVMS position on Marijuana and Marijuana-derived products in companion animals?


Flea and Tick Products

Can I write a flea/tick prescription for a patient I’ve seen within the last year, but that has new owners? Do I have to establish a VCPR with the new owners?

Prescription flea products and VCPR

The FDA has announced that certain flea products may be dangerous. Should I still prescribe them?


Radiology regulations and installations

Are LVTs allowed in x-ray rooms?

Do you still need to wear X-ray dosing badges in New York State?

Managing Patient Records

Do copies of official prescriptions have to be placed in patient records?

How long do patient records have to be retained?

How long do I have to keep patient records?

Can I destroy the original paper copies of patient records once the files have been safely stored electronically?


Consent to Treatment

Where can I find a sample pre-surgical waiver form that includes a consent to anesthesia?

What is the proper way to record oral consent when an owner is unable or unwilling to come to the practice, or to provide written consent for treatment?

If someone holds Power of Attorney for another person, can they make treatment decisions (including euthanasia) for the other person’s pet?


Ownership Issues

When owners cannot provide care for their pets and want to surrender/relinquish the pet to someone at my practice, what kind of form can I use?

When a couple is divorced, or is in the process of getting divorced, how should pet ownership be handled for veterinary treatment purposes?


Client recording and practice monitoring

Can a veterinarian use video/audio recording during appointments?


Abuse of controlled substances by clients or staff

Client’s companion animal is on Tramadol and client continues to request more than prescribed. Recent requests have been denied and client is asking other hospitals. Should I report the suspicious activity? How do I deal with the client?


DEA licensing

Can a vet have two addresses on a DEA license, or is there a special license that allows for two addresses?

How do I apply for a DEA license?

Pharmaceuticals and Prescribing

Can unlicensed staff call prescriptions into pharmacies as they are written?

Can a hospital with a fully-functioning pharmacy fill a prescription from a veterinarian at another hospital?

Is it legal to authorize prescriptions (by fax) sent to the office by Internet pharmacies for patients that have been seen within the last year?

Need for follow-up testing when prescribing medication for chronic conditions

Controlled Substances

What is the code needed to prescribe Tramadol for chronic pain?

Recording of phenobarbital in medical records

Is Gabapentin a scheduled drug in New York?

Is it legal to use ketamine for anesthesia?

Basic rules for prescribing controlled substances


Compounded Medications

503 compounding facilities and office-use compounded medications

A pharmaceutical company representative told me it is now legal to order compounded medication and dispense it to multiple patients. Is this true?

Can I resell a compounded medication to a client?


Licensing and Permits for Veterinarians and LVTs

How can I tell when my license to practice is due to expire?

I renewed my veterinary license online. How soon does the renewal take effect?

Does New York State issue temporary licenses to practice veterinary medicine?

What distance learning programs for LVTs are accredited in New York State? Does NYSED recognize Penn Foster as an approved education program?