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We make sure your voice is heard in government, and are here to answer your questions about practicing in NY. 

Learn more about our early-career mentoring, free student-loan advice, practice efficiency programs and 24hr helpline. All this and free CE!

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Upcoming Events

Browse our calendar of live webinars and in-person meeetings. Many are organized by your regional group.

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New York State Veterinary Conference

Oct 6-8th 2023

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca NY

Registration is now open!


Veterinary Medicine can be the most fulfilling profession. Our wellbeing programs provide personalized support to help you focus on helping animals

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Personal financial plan

We provide a unique specialized financial wellbeing program that has enabled many members to leave behind their concerns about student debt. Or how to plan for part-time work or retirement.  Our partner specializes in providing veterinarians with a detailed plan that achieves their life goals and reduces stress.

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MentorVet Scholarships

NYSVMS has partnered with MentorVet to provide 10 scholarships to join a cohort of NY veterinarians.

We have provided 10 scholarships for the June 2023 MentorVet program and are excited to evaluate its success.

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24/7 Helpline

When you are feeling low and want some support, call our 24/7 helpline. Its free, and our professionals can provide support with mental-health, employment, financial and other issues.

Tools and Resources

We provide the tools you need to succeed a licensed professional in New York. Ask us a question about the laws and regulations around practice in New York. Help us attract a diverse pool of students to become the veterinarians of the future. We are also your voice to the NY government.

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Ask us to help

Every day we answer our members’ questions about navigating NY laws and regulations. Often we get involved on your behalf, talking to NYSED about licensing issues, or getting our social media experts involved to help you through a crisis. We have both an HR consultant and a lawyer available when needed. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

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What makes sense to animal lovers can sometimes be a disaster for veterinary professionals. It is critically important for veterinarians to be part of the discussion that shapes NY State law.  Without our work NY might already award owners emotional damages for the loss of a pet, driving up the cost of veterinary care and reducing the ability of veterinarians to offer solutions that work

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Diversity & Equity

How do you feel about the low representation of people of color in the veterinary industry? We want the veterinary industry of the future to be as diverse as the people we serve. Most veterinarians choose their vocation when they are very young. That’s why we are working in elementary schools in racial diverse school districts to inspire young students of color to become a veterinarian.