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Helping New York veterinarians to achieve professional success

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society is a nonprofit, professional member association that enables and advocates for veterinarians of New York State, to achieve fulfilling careers and thereby create a thriving profession.

NYSVMS board

Meet the veterinarians who lead NYSVMS

NYSVMS was founded by veterinarians like you, and is led by veterinarians today.

Our Executive Board includes 6 elected Officers, and a Representative from each of the 12 affiliated regional groups. Your Regional Representative has a number of votes determined by the size of your region.

If you want to contact the Board, we recommend you start with your Regional Representative, but you can contact other Board members with your concerns if you prefer. Just use the form below. We always love to hear from our members. Of course you can also contact staff at any time using the Contact Us link on this page, or the Executive Director, Tim Atkinson at tatkinson@nysvms.org (518) 869-7888.

Executive Board List

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