Veterinary medicine is a cause worth advancing

People love animals and often push for legislation that they believe is in animals’ best interest. Quite often these groups don’t fully understand veterinary medicine and don’t realize that ultimately their proposals could be detrimental to the animals and their owners, and also reduce access to veterinary care by driving up prices. That’s why it is critical that NY veterinarians have a strong and united voice through NYSVMS.

2022 Legislative Results

During 2022 we successfully opposed several bills that would have been highly damaging to the vitality of the NY veterinary industry, including non-economic damages.

Legislative Action

When legislators consider new laws that affect veterinary medicine, it is critical that they fully understand the detailed implications. We build relationships with legislators so that they always consult us and respect the concerns we raise.

Political Education Committee

Legislators need our financial support to stay in the political process and we need their attention on issues important to us. PEC contributions are made to legislative leaders, NYSVMS bill sponsors, committee chairs and legislators recommended by NYSVMS members.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the NYSVMS V-PEC or GRLN or to become more involved in legislative matters, please contact NYSVMS headquarters at 518 869 7867, or email


Highlights of recent NYSVMS advocacy work