What makes “Real” Financial Planning so valuable?

Real financial planning creates clarify our of chaos, and helps veterinarians visualize the future.

It is particularly valuable for veterinarians who have mortgage-sized student loan debt, risky goals like practice ownership and/or mentally and physically exhausting jobs.

This is quite distinct from investment advice. It is the process of developing a detailed plan that flows cash to your most important goals, while ensuring that loan repayments are minimized.

NYSVMS provides members with “Real Financial Planning” in partnership with Mike Sabatino through his financial consultancy, Sabadoodle.

Let’s illustrate this with three case-studies that are based on real engagements.


Meg - The New Grad

  • 30-years old – just graduated
  • Feels trapped by her student loan debt
  • Search for peace of mind
  • Goals for the next 10 years
    • Marriage
    • Home-purchase
    • Have a couple of kids

Meg is engaged to be married in June. She is facing her very first student loan payment this year. Meg wasnt to feel moe “planned-out” on her student loans so that she can pursue more meaningful goals.

Prior to reaching out to Mike Sabatino at Sabadoodle, she was introduced to a “financial advisor” affiliated with a big life insurance company. Meg asked the advisor for clarity on her student loans. The advisor sold her a whole life insurance policy without even addressing her primary concern – her mortage-sized student loand debt. This is what Mike Sabatino calls “phony financial planning”. It was a financial advisor centric approach built around the sale of a product.

Mike helped Meg manage her loand in a way that allows her to focus more dollars on her “why” – these are her goals like her upcoming wedding, future ome purchase and starting a family.

She now has the insight to look beyond debt repayment to much more fulfilling goals. The core of this insight comes from a personalized financial plan that shows in detail cash in, cash out and loan repayment over the next years.

Beth - The Medical Director

  • 40-years okd, married, primary breadwinner
  • Playing catch-up in her money life
  • Wants a comfortable and safe home for her growing family

Beth rents a cramped New York City apartment and is expected her second child in March. Her household income is rising but the cost of raising kids seems to increase just as fast…and every dollar earned is spoken for.

Before making a big financial decision like buying a home, Mike Sabatino of Sabadoodle helped Beth model if in his financial planning software first. Virtual mistakes cost a lot less than the real kind!

Mike helped Beth and her husband get crystal clear on household money inflows and outflows so that they can direct more dollars toward a home down-payment.

The Sabadoodle process provides a safe place for reflection…and gave them the confidence to take the first step in a new direction.

Kathy - The Career Changer

  • 50 years old, single
  • Afraid she will never be able to retire
  • Maintaining dignity and independence in retirement

Before she met Mike, Kathy had never spoken to a financial planner. (Kathy thought that because she didn’t have a large invovement account, she would have no opportunity to work with a financial planner.)

Kathy is a career changer and graduated from veteirnary school later in life. Paying off her student loan debt had been her biggest financial priority, not saving for retirement.

Kathy’s financial priorities have changed now that the student loans are in the rear-view mirror, but Kathy had assumened that she would need to work full-time until at least age 67. The Sabadoodle process showed her that she could take steps now that would allow her to shift to part-time work at age 60 and full retirement at age 65.

Kathy is suddently excited about her future!


Meg, Beth and Kathy got the upper hand on money because each had a “why” to plan for – something that sparked interest and engagement.

Ask yourself…Is there a goal in the back of your mind? Something that you’re concerned about or something that gets you excited.

Whatever tiyr “Why” is, it will have a financial cost, directly or indirectly. So having clarity would certainly help.

The future holds infinite possibilities. With Mike Sabatino’s guidance, you gain the opportunity and confidence to decide your next financial steps.


Lower stress by making better financial decisions

Here are a few key take-aways:

  • Veterinarians have unique needs: Student loands, practice ownership and mentally exhausting jobs
  • “Real” financial planning creates clarify out of chaos. A financial plan is simply a blueprint for matching your money with your most important goals.
  • Traditional approaches to money management suck! They tend to be impersonal, unnecessarily complex and inefficient.
  • Your Why + Engagement = Better Financial Decisions. Everyone has a “why” that is capable of bring the engagement necessary to make better financial decisions.
  • “Virtual Mistakes” cost less than the real kind. Before Sabadoodle’s doctors make a big decision, Mike Sabatino models it in financial planning software first.


How to Get Started

NYSVMS offers a package for each career stage:

  • Early Career : Student Loan Bundle
  • Mid-Career: Financial Bridge Bundle
  • Late-Career: Financial Independence Bundle