Debt and Financial Wellness

Attain financial peace of mind by knowing that you are on track to meet your life goals

Veterinarians face some financial situations that can look concerning. But you are also someone with a great career and with the right plan it can look a lot more manageable.

Our financial advisor is an expert on veterinary finance. And we pay the full cost of a basic Student Loan Analysis.

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Three Options to match your career stage

We have developed packages around your need. They start with a free Student Loan analysis. More complex analysis is available for later career stages with a modest contribution from you. Start by watching the general introductory video, and then choose from the three career stage options.

Student Loan Analysis (SLA)

FREE ( Add partner SLA + $297)

The Student Loan Analysis (SLA) gives you the insight to look beyond debt repayment with an eye to more fulfilling goals.

After you complete a fact-finder questionnaire our planner evaluates your loans and repayment options. This will be the foundation for an in-depth personal consultation.

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Financial Bridge Plan

$445 (Add partner finances  + $397)

Our Financial Bridge Plan includes both the Student Loan Analysis (if you still have loans) and also includes the planning to achieve a life-goal like taking time off to start a family or buying a new home.

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Financial Independence Plan

$790 associate (if owner +$197, add spouse + $397)

The Financial Independence Plan package is designed to help you plan for retirement. Our advisor isn’t trying to sell you investments, he will focus entirely on your retirement goals and how you can achieve them, at a cost that would be difficult to match on the open market.